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BinVic offers a fully-integrated project execution service for capital engineering and construction projects across Africa and the globe. The company and its carefully chosen partners specialise in the multi-disciplinary design, co-ordination and execution of entire capital projects for clients across a broad spectrum of sectors – including mining, industrial, oil and gas and general infrastructure .

BinVic is sought after by numerous high profile local and international clients for its knowledge of and experience and expertise in all of the major engineering disciplines, from building, civil and structural including roads and earthworks, to mechanical and electrical.  BinVic is renowned for its geographical flexibility and technical innovation in terms of both design and construction methodology,  harnessing the justly coveted skills and innovative thought processes of its team of highly prized engineering professionals to provide tailor-made project solutions, irrespective of size, location and accessibility. Whether it be for the construction of a complex processing plant located on a pre-existing mine or for an accommodation development within a remote location, BinVic has a proven track record in the execution of client-centred outcomes on time and on budget, with a safety and environmental record which is second to none.


Binvic Projects

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  • “Binvic’s many strengths include their sound business practice and honesty. It’s been a pleasure working with their management...” Jason Bergmann, Managing Director, Small Business Solutions Ltd, Dar es Salaam.

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  • "Working with Binvic has simply been, in one word, FANTASTIC. The love and visible care that the company's director demonstrates...” Dr Menrad Kambewe, Head of Community Relations and Occupational Health Departments, Shanta Gold Ltd

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  • "I have had an opportunity to work with many companies over the past 13 years in 6 different countries, and I found your company to be one of the top 5 companies we have interacted with.” Brent Harrison, PMP | Senior Technical Development Manager

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  • "BinVic has worked on a range of civil and mechanical projects in our remote gold mining operation in south west Tanzania. It is a customer-focused and..." Toby Bradbury, Chief Executive Officer, Shanta Gold Ltd

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  • “BinVic is a very versatile and competent engineering firm which has excelled in a variety of construction works ranging from mid-sized metallurgical...” Wally P Channon, CEng MIMMM

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About Us

BINVIC offers civil-construction related project execution services to clients across southern Africa and we have registered offices in South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique. Our project execution approach integrates people, systems, structures and practices to support a collaborative approach that harnesses the talent and insights of all participants.

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BinVic offers construction-related project execution services to clients across South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania.

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BinVic’s boasts an outstanding Safety record…

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Tel: +255 22 219 8040
Fax: +255 22 219 8001
Email: info@binvic.com
1st Floor, Acacia Estate Offices
84 Kinondoni Road, Kinondoni,
Dar es Salaam,

South Africa

Tel: +27 11 759 4097
Fax: +27 11 759 4001
Email: info@binvic.com
4th Floor, The Firs
Cradock Avenue, Rosebank


Tel: +258 84 870 0636
Cell: +27 83 625 9871
Cell: +27 83 639 0244
Email: info@binvic.com
Rua Eusebio da Silva Ferreira Nr. 474
Matola A, Matola Cidade,
Maputo, Mozambique