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Zorba Georgiou

QA/QC Coordinator

BINVIC’s Construction Manager, Zorba Georgiou, has overseen countless multidisciplinary construction sites since first entering the industry in 1973. He has managed large workforces that are constantly acknowledged for their commitment to safe operations and completing projects within programme and budget. Zorba describes himself as an unconventional construction manager who manages sites by being visible, giving attention to detail, motivating his teams and being hands-on during the entire project cycle. He lives by the mantra that you can never beat a man that doesn’t know how to give up!

“Our mindset at BINVIC is that of frontiersmen and we are constantly adapting to new operating conditions and looking for fresh opportunities across the continent, no matter how remote. I’m very proud of our successful track record of working in extremely harsh environments; I’m proud of the quality of the work we deliver; and the quality of the teams we employ – in particular the members of the local communities we employ and train to work to the high standards required by the industry and associated with the BINVIC name.”

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