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Dennis Keenan

Managing Director

BINVIC’s Managing Director, Dennis Keenan, grew up in a construction household and has worked within the sector since 1995. He established BINVIC in South Africa in 2011 and went on to open affiliate companies in Tanzania and Mozambique. He is an ambitious contractor who is proud of BINVIC’s track record of project delivery – consistently on time, on budget and with a sterling safety record. Dennis believes one needs to constantly evolve to remain relevant in this industry, and never be too proud to get back in the field, when the situation demands.

“BINVIC is unique in its approach and its services. We offer niche capabilities, are highly specialised and will project-manage an entire capital project from start to commissioning. A large contributor to our success is the ability to efficiently mobilise and train a local workforce, thereby also contributing to employment and skills development within communities surrounding our contracts. We have worked for multiple international clients and have weathered some tough economic events, nevertheless, our track record reflects our commitment to always delivering the extraordinary.”

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    Tel: +258 84 870 0636
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    Rua Eusebio da Silva Ferreira Nr. 474
    Matola A, Matola Cidade,
    Maputo, Mozambique