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Andrew Muttitt

Commercial Lead – independent consultant

BINVIC’s Commercial Lead – independent consultant Andrew Muttitt – fulfils the role of in-house legal counsel and commercial advisor to the company. His scope includes monitoring and advising on contractual issues as well as dispute avoidance and resolution. BINVIC has a reputation for strong client relationships and Andrew plays a key role in establishing a positive relationship between client and contractor. This process is supported by a brainstorming and teambuilding session prior to the project commencing, during which real life scenarios are used as examples of potential for contractual dispute. Early identification of misperceptions of rights and obligations; clarity on contractual terms and conditions of the contract and how it is to be managed (change management, delays, and so forth) helps to avoid unnecessary conflict.

“The strength of a company is in its people and their priorities, as well as their quality. BINVIC has a strong leader and champion in Dennis, one who understands his limitations and will supplement what he lacks by bringing in the correct people where required. It is unusual for a company this size to have a resource such as myself in place – my role is to ensure that we avoid any potential and unnecessary conflicts on contracts and to support BINVIC and its people to prosper.”

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